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Protection of my life
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I rented my house which is in manthada under bhogyam to with Mr. Velakanni Louis on 26-06-2013 for the period of 3 years orally and 11 months in agreement. But within 11 months of the period one of his family person committed suicide in that house and after soon of that they vacated that house and urged us repay the money which they have given for bhogyam but where we invested the money we got a loss in that so we requested them that please give us some time to repay the money but they went legally for this,yes we too agreed for that we attended the case. In between this they came by a auto and took me with some local gundas and arrased me and taken the sign in the blank bond paper after that too those people are calling me and torturing me for pay me soon however while getting the sign in the pro note they have given the time upto 6 months.. Please help me to get the justice and please get me a time to repay that amount..
Please help me how I can get a justice



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